Friday, October 1, 2010

Dim Sims, Ikea Catalogue and some Eat Pray Love

That's the excitement that's hapening in my house tonight and I honestly couldn't think of another way I'd rather be spending tonight.  I've got my car all packed up with my crap I no longer want that I'm hoping people at the flea market tomorrow morning will love to take off my hands (and I'm sure I'll be taking some of their crap off their hands to ..especially if it's plastic and from the 70's)

So that's all done, now it's relax time.  My girls are with Daddy this weekend so it's nice and peaceful here (thankfully I no longer feel guilty about my quiet, child free time and infact really, REALLY appreciate it) so I've just struck gold in the freezer and come across a bag of frozen Dim Sims which I completely forgot about and I've got the new Ikea catalogue so am about to plonk myself on the couch and drool over all that sweedish furniture whilst watching Jamie Oliver.  Then I'm off to bed to try and get through a few more chapters of Eat, Pray Love.  I can't wait to see it at the movies next week but really want to finish the book first. It's a really great book btw!!!

Here's a couple of my fairly recent bigger canvases that are currently for sale upstairs at the incube.8r Gallery in Fortitude Valley Brisbane

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

Oh crap I just put Worshtershire Sauce on my dim sims instead of soy.  Oh well that will teach me for doing three things at once!.. Night :)

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