Sunday, October 31, 2010

Caravan Love

I just HAD to share this picture I stumbled across tonight.  It's from enjoy cupcakes
Don't you just love old caravans!! I actually lived in one very similar to this for three and a half years when I was a kid.  My Mum, brother and I were camped out in my Nana and Pa's backyard in a Yellow and white version of the one above...well might not be the exact style but soo close.  I loved living in a caravan.  My mum hated it...I mean H-A-T-E-D it.  Can't imagine why, two children sharing a room about 1.5mtrs x 1.5mtrs constantly fighting, Mum having absolutely no personal space, having a curtain as a bedroom door approx 3 mtrs from her children's room.  Did I mention my brother and I fought a lot? 

Unlike my seven year old brain she didn't quite get the whole 'exciting adventure' side of things.   I would so live in a caravan again....well maybe not LIVE since I think I'd go slightly insane with my three chickies in such a confined space, maybe just for a holiday every now and then.  Or maybe I should just take a photo of a cute caravan like this one and hang it on the wall and get my fix that way :))

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One week till the BrisStyle Eco market everyone!!!  Hope you're coming

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