Thursday, October 14, 2010

BrisStyle Eco Market Preps

In a few short weeks it's time for this again ...YAYAYAY!!!  I love the BIECO Market.  I love seeing all the clever things that people create from things that already existed as something else.  I also love all the funky retro bits and pieces that can be found at some of the stalls, and I love being able to also sell some of my vintage finds along side my handmade pieces.  It's just a great market.

So tonight when I was going through some of the bits I'm taking along to market I suprised myself with the lovely colour combination I've got going.  Totally accidental but oh so pretty.  I was thinking maybe I'd actually have this as a bit of a colour theme for my stall on the pre-loved side, what do you think?

And speaking of pretty eco friendly things I thought I'd share with you my favourite corner of my house.  It's in my bedroom and it has my sweet, sweet Moose & Bird Pear Cushion as well as a cute little frame which I picked up from the op shop and made into a little Love Birds collage with some scraps of paper.  And the corner wouldn't be complete without this lovely vintage table cloth my friend picked up for me one day and left it on my doorstep. What a happy suprise that was.  I love it!  
Ok I'm off to bed to read some more chapters of Eat, Pray, Love....yes, still going I'm afraid.  I don't know why but I can't seem to just 'sit' with this one.  Maybe it's because I'm in a bit of a creative space at the moment so am too busy making things to sit and read.  Or maybe this book just hasn't hooked me in as much as I thought it would....but I really, really love it so it's strange that it hasn't got me all addicted like I normally get with books I love...anyway, whatever the reason I am off to enjoy a few more chapters :)

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  1. Hi Rondelle,
    I'm so glad my Pear features in your favourite corner of the house. I love your little love bird frame too, it is too cute. Look forward to catching up at BiECO. I'm not having a stall but I'll be there helping on the promo table.
    Melinda x