Tuesday, March 2, 2010

BrisStyle Markets and my birthday

Wow how exciting and nerve racking it all is!!! It's my first BrisStyle Market I've done...in fact it's pretty much the first inner city market I've done EVER. Am very, very excited about it but the nerves are taking over a little so I've decided to set up my stall in the living room to ease my nerves and make sure I've got everything sorted so come Saturday there will be no last minute suprises!!!

Here's a sneaky peak

So now I just need to finish wiring a few canvases, price all the non-priced items and then get me some sandbags for the marquee!! Anyone with any clues where to get these around Ipswich please share your wisdom and save me a frantic last minute search ok;)

If you're in Brisbane on Saturday I'd love to see you pop by the market for a visit. It's at St Augustine Church Hall and Grounds, Racecourse Road Hamilton. It's seriously easy to get to (Racecourse Rd is directly opposite Brett's Warf), and it's only 30mins from Ipswich.

It also looks like I'm doing the Young Designers Market at South Bank on Sunday...extra excited and nervous about that one too but I'm waiting to hear back from the organisers of that one to confirm that my stall fees went through before the cut off so won't get too excited just yet.

In other news, I turned 32 on Friday. i'm loving this age already, I think because 32 is a 5 and I like odd numbers!! My friend Theresa made a lovely lunch for some friends and I. You know those rice paper wraps you get in the supermarket? If you're like me, you've had a pack sitting in your pantry for almost a year because you have no idea what to do with them...well today is your lucky day my friend because now I know what to do!

Step 1:
Soak rice paper in hot water for a few seconds until it softens

Step 2
have your yummy pre-prepared ingredients ready to go and load up your rice paper!

Then add some yummy sauce (sweet chilli is yummo) and wrap

Then consume and follow up with the yummiest white chocolate MUD CAKE you can find

This one was also made by the very talented Theresa!

Here's a piccie of us all....don't look at me, I look terrible!! I seriously need to start putting make up on again! and do something with that hair of mine...oh please!

from left - Krissy, Theresa, me, Cherie and down the front Miss Lilly who has just had a make over by Miss Charlotte and had a nice bit of blue icing on the lips!

Look at these cuties ~ Miss Meg gives thumbs up for mummy's new keyring, and Master Jarrah, how cute is he!!!!

Until next time...stay cool

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  1. Hi Rondelle,
    Those rice paper rolls look delicious. I'm gluten intolerant so I bought some thinking they were a good lunch alternative to sandwiches. Had no idea what to put in them so my first attempt wasn't very tasty. Happy birthday. Melinda xo