Monday, March 15, 2010

New Fish, a shaved head and burning wood

That's the topic for tonight's post. Firstly, we have two new additions to our family. Meet Teeny and Tiny (named by Emma). My girls have never had a pet before so they are chuffed with their two little gold swimming friends.

I was a bit worried about the fish in the first week because they really didn't seem to be settling into their new home at all. They were pooing SOOO much (I thought it was normal) and they weren't really moving around the bowl that much. In fact, every morning I woke up worried I'd find them floating at the top of the water, but alas, they made it through! After some fresh water and a bowl clean out, they've settled right down and are very cute in fact - especially at feeding time, they remind me of excited puppies, coming up to the edge waiting for their tucker.

My friend Theresa was VERY brave and did the shave for a cure this year. The official 'shave off her hair' party was Saturday night and it was heaps of fun. She has a very nice shaped head so i think she looks fine. She's not so

It was a great night with her friends and family there for moral support and although she's still collecting money from people she thinks she raised almost $2000. What a fantastic effort!!!!

The other highlight of the night (for me anyway) was the lovely bonfire. Just a small one but big enough to keep us nice and toasty in the cool night and oh my god is burning wood not one of the nicest smells in the world?? Providing it's in a contained fire of course!

So that's it for now, I haven't done much creating since the BrisStyle and Young Designers markets the other week (which were absolutely fantastic I might add) but am feeling the urge coming on very strong. If this pesky cold that I've picked up decides to ease off a bit tomorrow I might actually get my pretty papers out and have a little play :)

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