Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Screen Printing anyone?

That's exactly what I got to see on Sunday.  I took the girls to the Thea & Sami Open Studio Day where we were lucky enough to not only have a good chat with Thea and her partner Voyt, but also to see them screen printing a brand new fabric design.  It was such a great experience and my little ladies where thoroughly impressed.  Emma even took a notebook so she could write down the proceedures of screen printing.  We bought a little screen so will have a bit of a play ourselves when I buy some ink.

Here are some piccies from the day

Emma - deep in thought about the process of screen printing and eagerly awaiting the live demo

Meg - LOVING the orange fizzy drink Thea kindly supplied, and making herself right at home -shoes off

Lilly insisted I add this photo of me that she took....oh lord do I really look like that???

Mmmmm pretty fabric

let the printing begin....look at this muscley lady will you?  Go Thea!!

the screen has to be in PERFECT position or else... then they put the white ink down one end of the screen
 gotta love teamwork
 voula! Beautiful fabric

some of gorgeous products made with their gorgeous fabrics.  You can buy the fabric itself or the finished products over at www.thea-sami.com.au

note to self - orange fizzy drink makes small people a little crazy, especially when out in public

It's ok, they didn't go toooo crazy, and I managed to keep them from spilling anything on all that beautiful fabric so it's all good :)


  1. They're so cute. I thought they were pretty well-behaved. Thanks for coming and Happy Printing! x

  2. So did I! Nice to meet you Rondelle.

  3. ROndelle you look gorgeous............seriously!

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