Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Flea Market Finds

Last month I found this cool blog that has a 'Sunday Flea market finds' post each week and bloggers from all over the place can post a link to their own Flea Market Finds.  As you probably know I'm some what in love with obsessed with op shops and flea markets and although I am on a very tight budget at the moment I had $15 pocket money to play with this morning so I took myself down to the Ipswich Sunday Markets at the Ipswich Showgrounds.

This is what I left with...and I had to restrain myself because there was one stall I could have spend about $100 at!  Total cost of the below items was $12.  Don't you just love flea markets!!!

I really should take some extra special photos of that Jug.  Oh my god I'm in love with it!!!
Another new addition to my house is this GORGEOUS buffet that my lovely friend gave me this week.  How cool is it?  It makes me happy everytime I walk in the door and it matches perfectly with my large buffet.  Thanks Krissy!  (oh and pssst, she got it from a cool new second hand shop in Mining Street Bundamba for $15)

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