Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mathilda's Market Wrap Up

So yesterday I did my first Mathilda's Market at Eagle Farm Racecourse.  It was a good day overall.  I didn't sell anywhere near as much as I needed to to cover the cost of the stall which is rather high compared to other Handmade markets, and frankly it is very disappointing that they promote the market as 'Handmade or Small Production Line' when you see mass produced COMMERCIAL products for sale.  $220 for a stall to someone who just purchases their products from a wholesaler is an awesome deal for a market, but when you're sitting there making everything you sell it's a lot of money. 

I did sell out of my little Butterfly canvases and sold quite a few crafty packs so if I had of had heaps more of those I probably would have done better sales wise.  At the end of the day though I still chalk it up as a good experience, I've done it now so I won't need to wonder how my stall would do there.  I'm thinking I'll just stick with the trusty BrisStyle Markets in future as I did really well at the first one of those.  And there's quite a few exciting markets coming up in the BrisStyle line up! 

Here are a few piccies from yesterday's market...sorry for the blur, I was in a rush to get my photos taken before the crowds came in.


  1. I too was disappointed in it not being just handmade products. But in the stalls near me that were small production, they did not look like they were making many sales. All of my customers were wanting handmade only products and would mentions that so and so down the way had products from china or the philipines (they were not impressed).

  2. WOW Mathilda's has a good rep here in Melbourne, but I have sadly never been.....will, have to to and check it out now and see if it is true "handmade" in Melbourne!

  3. holy crunk! $220! I can imagine how you feel! But now at least it's not something you'll wonder about anymore.
    Thanks for the heads up on that one too coz I had it on my list of 'to do's' for 2010...might just cross it off now!